Academic Support

Expert faculty, first-rate educational technology, and the requisite resources for academic enquiry and learning are crucial to this endeavor. Gifts to the Africa University Endowment Fund can be designated to academic chairs and professorships, teaching/learning resources, and the digital campus.


In sub-Saharan Africa, the demand for seasoned professionals to guide research, innovation and academic development in the higher education sector continues to outpace supply. When competing for expertise, higher education institutions often lose out to the private sector. Gifts of $1 million or more endow an academic chair or professorship and assists Africa University to:

  • Recruit and retain diverse faculty members to drive experiential learning and student success.
  • Fund research to deliver new knowledge, processes and products that address quality of life disparities and barriers to economic development.

To learn more about the impact of gifts designated to academic development at Africa University, contact Mr. James H. Salley, president and chief executive officer, Africa University (Tennessee) Inc., at or 615.340.7438.


The Africa University Library Fund supports technology updates and resources acquisition for the Jokomo Yamada Library and other specialized libraries within the institution.