Donor Recognition

Vice Chancellor’s Club


Acacia Level:
Your gift of $100 to $499 generates membership in the Vice Chancellor’s Club at the Acacia level. You will receive a Bronze Lapel Pin, recognizing your central role in the growth of the ministry of Africa University.

Acacia trees are especially numerous on the plains of southern and eastern Africa. Acacias establish deep roots, before growing tall. They are known for their strength and durability which makes them a fitting symbol for Africa University. A flat-top Acacia tree is a central feature of the Africa University logo.

Manica Level:
An investment of $500 to $999 generates membership in the Vice Chancellor’s Club at the Manica Level. You will receive a Gold Lapel Pin and be associated with the Manica (also called Wanyika), one of the clusters of the Shona-speaking people inhabiting eastern Zimbabwe and adjacent areas of Mozambique.

The Manica were enthusiastic participants in the struggle for Zimbabwean independence. National leaders from among the Manica include Herbert Chitepo and the late United Methodist Bishop Abel Muzorewa. Manica-speaking people made up the two kingdoms of Mutasa and Makoni which are said to have existed from the early 17th century.


 Chiremba Level:
A gift of $1000 or more generates membership in the Vice Chancellor’s Club at the Chiremba Level. You will receive a Platinum Lapel Pin and take your place alongside dreamers and visionaries in the Africa University story.

Mt. Chiremba rises above the Old Mutare UMC Mission Center across the valley from the Africa University campus. From its peak in the year 1898, Bishop Joseph Crane Hartzell looked down and envisioned hundreds of African young people attending school in the valley below.

British imperialist, Cecil John Rhodes had been granted land rights in that area by Chief Tendai of Manicaland. When Bishop Hartzell shared his vision with him, Rhodes granted to the bishop the old site of the town of Mutare which included 13,000 acres for a Methodist Mission. Today, the Old Mutare Mission Center at the foot of Mt. Chiremba is home to a hospital, high school, primary school, and children’s home. Africa University is built on land from the mission, received as a gift from The United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe in 1988.

Richard E. “Dick” Reeves Legacy Society

Induction into the Richard E. “Dick” Reeves Legacy Society recognizes and thanks those who, by making a planned gift to the university, reached beyond their own lives to build bridges to dreams for future generations of Africa University students. Learn more

Drum Award

The Drum Award is given to friends of Africa University who have served the institution faithfully and with great effectiveness in raising awareness, making friends and raising funds. It symbolizes a deep appreciation for their continuing to “beat the drum” of education in assisting with the shaping of future leaders for the continent of Africa.

Awardees receive an authentic, hand-carved West African drum.

Africa University attracts and prepares students from across sub-Saharan Africa and preparing welcomes students into a pan-African, Christian community


Africa University welcomes students into a pan-African, Christian community with a passion for continuous learning, research, innovation and an intentional student-centered approach. Africa University is creating an environment where students, faculty, and staff thrive while realizing their dreams.


 An inclusive, nurturing and effective environment where they acquire critical knowledge and skills, grow in spiritual maturity and confidence, and experience pan-African community.


Experience pan-African community,  that supports enquiry and creativity, allows for shared agendas and approaches,  student experience wants its students to see  and seize the chance to address them, find the nurture to grow in spiritually maturity, more connected to.

Africa University students experience a pan-African, Christian community as they acquire critical knowledge and skills, test their ideas, and build networks for a confident, solutions-oriented approach to critical continental challenges and rich opportunities.