Vice Chancellor’s Club

Since it opened in 1992, Africa University has relied on the generosity of its donors to contribute the funds needed to educate its students. There are three levels of The Vice-Chancellor’s Club, which are described as follows:

The Acacia Level

Any of about 800 species of trees and shrubs comprising a genus of the mimosa family and native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world. About 200 species of Acacia trees are especially numerous on the plains of southern and eastern Africa where they are well-known landmarks. The Acacia’s distinctive leaves take the form of small finely divided leaflets that give the leafstalk a feathery or fernlike appearance. Well known for its strength and durability, the Acacia tree is a fitting symbol for Africa University and has graced its logo from the beginning.


With a contribution of $100 to $499, you will receive a Bronze Lapel Pin and become a member at the Acacia Level.

The Manica Level

Also called Wanyika, one of the cluster of the Shona-speaking people inhabiting eastern Zimbabwe and adjacent areas of Mozambique’s interior south of the Pungwe River. The Manica have existed as an ethnic group distinct from other Shona groups only since the 1930’s. Manica-speaking people made up the two kingdoms of Mutasa and Makoni which are said to have existed from the early 17th century. The Manica were enthusiastic participants in the struggle of Zimbabwean independence. National leaders from their area include Herbert Chitepo and the late United Methodist Bishop Abel Muzorewa.


With a contribution of $500 to $999, you will receive a Gold Lapel Pin and become a member at the Manica Level.

The Chiremba Level

A mountain in prominent view from the campus of Africa University in Old Mutare, Zimbabwe. From its peak in the year 1898, Bishop Joseph Crane Hartzell looked down and envisioned hundreds of African young people attending school in the valley below. British imperialist, Cecil John Rhodes had been granted land rights in that area by Chief Tendai of Manica Land. When Bishop Hartzell shared his vision with him, Rhodes granted to the Bishop the old site of the town of Mutare which included 13,000 acres for a Methodist Mission. That very year, a primary school opened at Old Mutare Mission.


With a contribution of $1000 or more, you will receive a Platinum Lapel Pin and become a member at The Chiremba Level.